I admit I didn’t want to shade it because after bsing the lines and going I hate lining hair I wasn’t fond of the idea of shading it. 
Look at where I style hopped everywhere. Every frickin where.

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Doodled today while I could before bed. 

Uh yeah for those of you from as who aren’t familiar with original/older vance, the as vance does differ from older vance by quite a bit. Because at some point Vance down the line gets annoyed by how everyone in his family is overprotective of him and gets to a place where ..yadda yadda blahblahblah it’s actually not important since the only person I rp older/original vance with is old forum mates and fuufuu. 

Felix belongs to fuufuu btw.

Older vance and felix have a very strange relationship, vance would be nice to everyone until it comes to felix then he gets aggressive. Because ..felixisaperve-KICKED- well other reasons. yeah.


Oh yeah and meph from his old storyplot ..ahah..hahahah LAUGHS

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pokemon!au with vicairo 
My life consists of making characters and sometimes trainers for nuzlockes. SHE JUST WANTED A SNIVY BUT GOT THE WRONG MON.

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The Story Tandem Game: Fishburger Dave

A story tandem thing I did with Fuufuu and TG. We each wrote a sentence each and things just went OUT OF HAND AT SOME POINT IM CRYING SO HARD THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE IM CRYING.

Sentence order
Ky, Fuufuu, TG

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On whim I doodled Lorrin and then submitted her to a group.